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DownBeat (Editors' Picks):
"A guitarist's guitarist...
Schalk always plays with a master improviser's sense of quest."

AllAboutJazz News:
Wolfgang Schalk Announces New Album
'Dear Earth' Showcasing A Tribute Track To Arnold Schoenberg

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Couleurs JAZZ HITS  click to read the complete article
“Wolfgang Schalk is one of jazz’s superior string manipulators globally. Wolfgang and his ensemble have with this special CD just sent a love letter to humanity allowing “dear Earth” to be the anthem for all spectrums of global jazz. A spin filled with all the emotion and feelings that embraces the hearts of many. Starting with a sensual ballad “Twelve-Tone Blues“ he allows the listener for a moment to escape from their world into his mind on how he develops his craft. Wolfgang has so many times pushed boundaries that few have tangled with it. Such is the case in this first offering… an exquisite flow of string magic.“ (Karl Stober)

Grand Guitars  read the complete article in the current issue
For nine original compositions, drummer Oscar Seaton Jr, bassist Carlitos DelPuerto, pianist Andy Langham and Californian Schalk by choice challenge listeners to either engage in exploratory dance or, as in the title piece, meditate. Freely swinging grooves (“Let's Cook”) create a foundation for tension-filled dialogues between Schalk's finely strummed hollow body strings and Langham's energetic piano playing. Without overly space-consuming gestures, the four musicians allow themselves to be inspired by poetry and natural beauty. For Schalk, these include Arnold Schönberg and Chet Baker, whose respective esprit is taken up and interpreted in a timeless, modern way. Structure, sensuality, open melodic fragments and careful condensations allow the soul to improvise in an exemplary manner.

LA Jazz Scene
“Schalk and the always creative Andy Langham have most of the solo space and display strong musical chemistry… an excellent acquisition for those who enjoy cool-toned modern jazz guitarists.” (Scott Yanow)

Concerto (5 STARS*****)  read the complete review in the current issue
“The opener, “Twelve-Tone Blues,“ can certainly be considered exemplary for Schalk's strengths. Inspired by Arnold Schönberg the guitarist adapted the twelve-tone music for a blues piece. What could have been a pretty cerebral affair is a soulful tribute to the great innovator and composer. Despite all virtuosity, Schalk doesn't get caught up in anything showcasing his skills as an end in itself. Instead, the musician concentrates on what is utterly essential and achieves - on basis of rich compositions and a warm guitar tone -  a maximum on expression. A beautiful postcard from the top league of Guitar Jazz across all national- and genre boundaries.“

JazzPodium  read the complete review in the current issue
“The attack! It's the attack that's addictive. Wolfgang Schalk, the Austrian American by choice, finally has a new album after his “Obsession” in 2019: nine original pieces for his quartet again with Andy Langham, p, Carlitos Del Puerto, p, and recently Oscar Seaton Jr. dr, as if made for this dream guitarist… a veritable citation short trip through the history of jazz guitar.“ (Alexander Schmitz)

MICA  click to read the complete article in German
“On his new album “Dear Earth” (Frame Up Music), the Austrian guitarist Wolfgang Schalk once again lets the sound of jazz sound in it’s most diverse form... The pieces on the album sound wonderfully diverse and varied, rhythmically playful from light-footed dancing and soulful to energetic grooving and powerful, invitingly warm in sound, elegant in style and very rich in melodies. Wolfgang Schalk and his fellow musicians show a blind understanding for each other and display a great passion that is immediately transmitted and develops a lot of atmosphere and a very unique charm… The guitarist and his band hit exactly the right note in their pieces that captures you immediately and doesn't let you go. A really nice story."

Listen to 2 full tracks here:

3 Screws Loose
4 Dear Earth
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